Accademy's Gallery

municipality: FIRENZE
Province: Firenze


Available for:
Gala dinners, Private tours, Small concerts, Private dining.

Accademy's Gallery

In 1784 the Grand Duke of Tuscany Pietro Leopoldo founded the Academy of Fine Arts, a school dedicated to the teaching of art which, bringing together prestigious institutions such as the Academy of Drawing Arts, found based in the ancient buildings of the San Matteo Hospital and the Convent of San Niccol? of Cafaggio. Does the Gallery owe its vast popularity? in the presence of some sculptures by Michelangelo: the Prisons, the San Matteo and in particular the famous David, transported here in 1873, for which the spectacular gallery was built. In adjoining rooms, obtained from two ancient convents, important works of art from the Accademia del Disegno, the Academy of Fine Arts and suppressed convents have been collected since the nineteenth century. The Florentine Polo Museums are not just places where culture and beauty are preserved. They are also spaces where? Possible to organize gala dinners, events, congresses, extraordinary visits. Places that can act as evocative settings for high quality events. Request the use of these spaces? simple. Just contact the Secretariat of the Superintendency which will provide for it. to inform you about the procedure and the costs. Naturally, as these are museums, there are limitations on the type of event and on the safety and decorum of the environments: not all locations are available, but we will do everything possible to meet your requests. In the links below you can find photographs of the various museum spaces that we can give in concession. Temporary concession in use of museum spaces Tel: 0552388625 Fax: 0552388699 E-mail:

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