Archival Superintendency for Tuscany: Teaching Room

municipality: FIRENZE
Province: Firenze


Available for:
Seminars, Refresher Courses, Conferences, Business Meetings, Concerts, Various Presentations, Tele-Cinema Filming ...

Archival Superintendency for Tuscany: Teaching Room

Room with late 19th century decorations: - n. 25 seats (+ teachers) - air conditioning, - overhead projector, - DIA projector, - independent wardrobe, The Archival Superintendency for Tuscany based in Florence, Palazzo Neroni, Via Ginori 7, built in the 15th century by the powerful Neroni family who disputed with the Medici the lordship of the city of Florence, declared at the beginning of the twentieth century of considerable historical-artistic interest and acquired in 1987 to the State property, it has recently undergone a careful restoration that highlighted its fifteenth century layout without sacrificing anything to comfort and safety. It is located in the historic center of Florence, in the vicinity? of the S. Maria Novella railway station. The use licenses are issued, at the request of the interested parties, which must specify the type of activity? for which? the occasional use of the spaces is required, the spaces required and the time of use.

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