State Archive of Belluno: ancient church of Santa Maria dei Battuti

municipality: BELLUNO
Province: Belluno


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State Archive of Belluno: ancient church of Santa Maria dei Battuti

Pertaining to the State Archives of Belluno, the church of Santa Maria dei Battuti (early 14th century) arose as a place of worship for the adjacent School of Flagellants. Will it be enriched over the centuries with works of high artistic level, which, with the Napoleonic suppressions of the first decades of the nineteenth century, were dispersed, sold or transferred, as happened for the beautiful altarpiece by Paris Bordon, now preserved at the Bode Museum in Berlin. A very recent restoration has redeemed the church from two centuries of neglect, enhancing the wide and luminous nave with a balanced dialogue between ancient fifteenth-century structures and contemporary service facilities. Designed for a modern and flexible use? equipped with conference stage, seating, sound system, display cases, wiring system, elevator, floor and wall heating, toilets and how much? necessary to propose the ancient building among the pi? large and prestigious multi-purpose rooms in the province of Belluno. It has the safety certification required by current legislation. A small oak park borders the church and? accessible exclusively from the conference room and from the State Archive; from the belvedere there is a suggestive view of the Ardo valley. From the garden,? can I log in? agreeing in advance the permit? to the main complex of the State Archive (the ancient headquarters of the Confraternity or School of Santa Maria dei Battuti): in the study room you can admire frescoes along the walls of the late fifteenth century, while the ceiling? decorated with 44 small-sized painted wooden tablets, always datable towards the end of the 15th century. The excellent natural acoustics and the surrounding silence make the ancient church an excellent recording room for classical music concerts. Obtained from the nave of the church and placed below the mezzanine,? moreover a square room particularly suitable for video projections and small meetings. Currently employed for activities of digital reproduction, if available? for external use starting from November 2012. Is the use of the garden and the small room for buffets? possible, but? conditioned to strict measures to cover the interior floor and external stone, to protect the structure from stains. Dimensions: Unique environment of approx. 250, composed of: room (120 sq. M.), Stage (25 sq. M.), Small room with wooden partitions, which can be opened (40 sq. M.), Mezzanine and balcony (60 sq. M.). Equipment: 8 boards in wood and glass, with safety lock, (120 x 60), design studio of architecture; 24 tables (sizes 160x80 can be dismantled; number 106 rigid chairs (possibly hooked to one another); number 30 folding chairs in fabric and metal. All the equipment (showcases, tables and chairs) can be dismantled and can be easily transferred, with small freight elevator, in the storage under the stage Capacity: 80 people seated (the procedure to increase the availability of places allowed is in progress) and 70 standing, for a total of 150. Access for the disabled in both the hall and services in the basements by lift For temporary renting contact: Director: Claudia Salmini Telephone: 0437.940061 Fax: 0437.942234 E-mail: How to reach us: the circulation of cars in the historic center of Belluno is not permitted without requiring a specific permit, which is issued only for loading and unloading operations, and can be requested at the following link: http: //www.comune.bell Access pu? take place leaving the car at the Lambioi outdoor parking lot; from the? an escalator leads directly to the main square of the city, Piazza Duomo; from here to via Santa Maria dei Battuti it is a 5 minute walk.

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