municipality: FIRENZE
Province: Firenze


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Events, Meetings, Receptions, Product launches, Press Conferences, Exhibition of works of art, Conferences and Seminars, Concerts, etc ...


The Show Room? located on the ground floor of the Florence State Archive, it has mobile panels, lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning systems,? particularly suitable for hosting exhibitions of works of art, product presentations, conferences and seminars, concerts, events, etc. Available area: The exhibition hall: 220 sqm. Access for disabled people with the help of internal staff These spaces allow the Institute, in addition to its own historical and archival initiatives, to host events organized by private individuals looking for special containers? especially for contemporary art exhibitions. This is because the State Archive of Florence wants to open up more and more? to a wide audience and in some ways different from the one who habitually attends the study room. The Florentine Archive seeks cos? to combine past and future, history and art: on the one hand it preserves and studies the historical memory of an important part of our country, on the other it opens up to contemporary art and also finds in this a vehicle to address the citizens of all parts of the world and all ages. The hall? equipped with: shatter-proof glass BOXES - dimensions 160x110xH.110-interior space to display 89x148xH.26 PANEL SUPPORT - Dimensions 50x50x H.171 SUPPORT FOR CAPTIONS from the ground H. 82 TABLES on goats N? 2 - Dimensions 90x1.50x H.80 PARALLELEPIPEDI from exposure N? 2 - Dimensions 50x53.3x H.50 and Dimensions 74x55.3x H.69 SEATS semicircular N? 4 AUDIOVISUAL INSTRUMENTS Digital projector For the temporary rental of these spaces, contact: dr. Fabio Dangelo Phone: +39 055 26320238 Fax: 055/2341159 E-mail: HOW ARCHIVE THE ARCHIVE Founded in 1852 by the Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany - as central archives of the grand-ducal state it was housed in the great palace of the Uffizi, of which it occupied the first floor and the ground floor of both wings. That venue for? as historic as it is very prestigious, already in half? of the twentieth century begin? to be insufficient, given the large amount? of archival documentation which was paid to the Institute. Following the flood of 1966, the proposal to move to a more central location suitable, it appeared mature and was identified as suitable the area of Piazza Beccaria, at the eastern edge of the pi? ancient historical center. The initial project dates back to the early 70s and was carried out by the Italo Gamberini Studio in Florence. Work began in 1977 and the building was then inaugurated on 4 February 1989. Italo Gamberini, yes? tested with an urban structure that, due to its particular destination, had necessarily to have the characteristics of a closed container, but, at the same time, open to the needs of a highly qualified user. The problem was solved by adopting a trapezoidal volumetric solution: having established a longitudinal axis between Piazza Beccaria and Viale Duca degli Abruzzi, a long internal crossing road was planned leading from the west side to the main facade overlooking Piazza Beccaria. This long corridor, illuminated from above and used as an exhibition space, takes on the connotation of an ideal internal road connecting the building to the city. The palace ? been considered an example of contemporary architecture and as such? has been? by the competent Superintendence of Architectural Heritage. Currently the State Archive of Florence, preserves more? of 600 funds, for a total of over 80 Km of documents, from the VIII sec. in our days, of the pi? different typologies: correspondence, diplomas, illuminated codes, statutes, drawings, nautical and geographical maps which bear the historical memory of the political, social, cultural and artistic events of Florence and Tuscany and which make the Florence State Archive a point of reference for researchers all over the world. HOW TO REACH US: CAR From HIGHWAY A1: Exit "Firenze Sud" + Viale Europa + Viali di Circonvallazione + Beccaria From HIGHWAY A11: Exit "Firenze Peretola" + Viale Guidoni + Fortezza + Libert? + Beccaria PARKING: Beccaria and Murate Area (on payment) RAILWAY Florence - Santa Maria Novella Station (EuroStar, IC trains) Florence Station - Campo di Marte (Regional trains) BUS - From Florence - Santa Maria Novella Station : ATAF 14 - 31 - 32 - 33 - A - From del Duomo: ATAF 14 - From della Repubblica: ATAF A - From S.Marco: ATAF 6 - 31 - 32 - 33 - From National Library: ATAF 12 - From Florence Station - Campo di Marte: ATAF 13 - From Fortezza da Basso / Libert ?: ATAF 8? 8

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