State Archive of Salerno

municipality: SALERNO
Province: Salerno


Available for:
Conferences, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, sets

State Archive of Salerno

The State Archive of Salerno, located in the historic center of the city, in an ancient court building, offers two of its particularly striking rooms, the chapel of San Ludovico and the Salone Bilotti, for private events, associations, institutions, according to the modalities? established by law. The Salone Bilotti? equipped with: - air conditioning system, - amplification, - projection screen, - pu? hold up to one hundred people. The chapel of San Ludovico, dating back to the XIII century, with suggestive frescoes of the time, has a capacity more? limited and has no facilities. Are both rooms accessible to people with disabilities? motor. The use of the premises foresees the presence of at least three units? of the staff of the State Archive. The request must be sent, at least thirty days before the event, to the Directorate of the State Archives of Salerno, Piazza Abate Conforti, 7, or via email to the address Data needed: General Information? of the applicant, contact details, type of event, his / her title, duration, any other equipment, number of participants and schedule of preparations and dismantling.

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