Biocasa Cork

municipality: MONTESILVANO
Province: Pescara


Available for:
Events, parties, advertising sets, films, fashion shows, receptions

Biocasa Cork

It is an independent wooden and cork house built on the first hills of Montesilvano (PE). The villa has modern and essential lines, with geometric and light volumes, and is spread over three floors, alternating cork fa├žades with other wooden ones. This residence uses a language with obvious references to the tradition of the Modern Movement, without renouncing those ecological aspects that distinguish contemporary architecture. The net parallelepiped volumes are characterized by elevations with large openings, a sort of "cuts" that allow the entry and diffusion of light even on the lower level. The covering surfaces are feasible terraces, large solariums with an extraordinary panoramic view of the coast. The relationship between interior and exterior spaces is enhanced by functional connections and visual introspections, for example in the case of the patio, located at the basement level, and the garden, a pleasant extension of the dining room.

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