Calcione Castle

municipality: LUCIGNANO
Province: Arezzo


Available for:
Weddings, advertising sets, movies, fashion shows, charity and cultural events, private parties and receptions

Calcione Castle

History, culture, privacy, uniqueness and originality are all the features of the Calcione castle, an incredible location open to the public this year. The castle maintains in the form and in the smallest details all the typical characteristics of a noble residence, a large park stands out in front of the majestic walls framed at the corners by the imposing towers from which the view is breathtaking. a precious and well-kept Italian garden leads to the ingraao of the completely decorated central atrium, can accommodate up to a maximum of 300 people comfortably seated. Always inside and on the ground floor you will find comfortable toilets even for older people. Available on the first floor a large room to be used for an aperitif or for the classic wedding cake. Adjacent to the outer walls a pretty church (containing about 60 people) is made available by the family for on-site ceremonies giving the possibility of a comfortable and all-round service without having to make endless trips to the guests. The large car park leads directly into the main garden, revealing the castle in all its grandeur adjacent to it a lovely swimming pool for photos or evening aperitifs. Maximum privacy, comfort, incredible views for photos and a unique location are the strengths of Castello del Calcione. A few steps from the castle there is the possibility of staying in structures that are always owned by the family.

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