Casale Ostello Gazzetta

municipality: BOLSENA
Province: Viterbo


Available for:
We can rent our facility, which has large outdoor and indoor spaces, for parties, seminars, workshops, meetings, and cultural events

Casale Ostello Gazzetta

The Ostello Restaurant Hostel is located in Bolsena, in a position of considerable historical and naturalistic interest, being just outside the perimeter that delimited the ancient Etruscan-Roman city of Volsini, in the hilly tract of the homonymous mountains, characterized by a wood full of plants of oaks, hazels and chestnuts. The ancient farmhouse Gazzetta, which houses the tourist accommodation facility, overlooks the valley below with a suggestive view of Lake Bolsena.Our Hostel is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday, but also for discovering the interesting surrounding area .

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