Church and Museum of Orsanmichele

municipality: FIRENZE
Province: Firenze


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Church and Museum of Orsanmichele

IS? a unique and extraordinary monument because in it civil and religious functions are sealed. ? Temple of work? Antonio Paolucci called it, why? it was built by the Liberal Arts that made the greatness of the free Florentine Commune and found representation in it. IS? also, as the unforgettable mayor of the city said Piero Bargellini, is the place where the common wheat was kept; the Grain of the population and the poor, which the provident republican systems sought to defend against rationing speculations at all times, but especially during the famine years? At the half from the fourteenth century the granary was consecrated to Christian worship. In the museum on the first floor are preserved the original sculptures, the work of the pi? famous Florentine artists from the fifteenth to the sixteenth century, who adorned the niches outside, on the four sides of the imposing fort stone building, halfway between the Palazzo della Signoria and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The Church within which? the magnificent marble tabernacle of the Madonna delle Grazie? regularly performed and holy masses are celebrated. Public concerts of classical music are held. The Florentine Polo Museums are not just places where culture and beauty are preserved. They are also spaces where? Possible to organize gala dinners, events, congresses, extraordinary visits. Places that can act as evocative settings for high quality events. Request the use of these spaces? simple. Just contact the Secretariat of the Superintendency which will provide for it. to inform you about the procedure and the costs. Naturally, as these are museums, there are limitations on the type of event and on the safety and decorum of the environments: not all locations are available, but we will do everything possible to meet your requests. Temporary concession in use of museum spaces Tel: 0552388625 Fax: 0552388699 E-mail:

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