Factory NoLo

municipality: MILANO
Province: Milano


Available for:
Events, Photo & video services, fashion shows, meetings, teambuilding, advertising sets, private parties, company parties, gala dinners, exhibitions, casting ...

Factory NoLo

THE FACTORY Factory NoLo is a workplace and at the same time a collector and booster of creative energy and sustainability. It is undoubtedly the ideal location and supercool to organize a casting, set up a video production set or create your own live communication event, but it is above all the cradle of a creative journey and a new point of reference for the multicultural movement of a Milan increasingly international in character. The resident organizational team is in fact part of a continuous flow of creative stimuli from which it is inspired and of which it is both a spur and a support. Factory NoLo hosts, from time to time, readings and book presentations, contemporary and experimental art exhibitions, concerts, theater pieces, film reviews and digital art. THE SPACE 330 sq.m. 7 meters h 55 Kw 230 Pax Factory NoLo is a former coach house from 1910, located in a courtyard a stone's throw from Piazzale Loreto and the MM1 and MM2 stops. It boasts one of the largest photographic limbs of Milan (10x8x4.5mt), completely transformable through high definition 4K projections and ideal space for events in the automotive world. In the location there is a Watchout system, 4 10k laserled projectors and structures for resident hangers. Panel with The Breath® fabric for air purification and equipped with two adiabatic coolers to support the property's ecological mission. RESIDENT EQUIPMENT • 55Kw of electricity supply • OUTLINE audio system • Light mixer with: 6 LED bars for RGBW wall wash, 4 theater par for stage set lighting, 6 fresnel lights and 8 fireflies for timely lighting of fittings or furnishings • 2 photographic banks large size fully motorized and on trolley • Audio mixer with headset and handheld microphones • Video mixer with: Apple TV, 4 10k laserled projectors with wide optics • 2 laptops • Wireless intercom • 12 m2 of transparent plexi stage platform • 100 folding chairs , 13 planks (180x80cm) • 1 Yamaha GB1K half tail piano • 2 driveways for entry of motorbikes, cars and vans up to 35q • 1000 Mb WiFi access • 2 bathrooms (one with easy access) with hairstore backstage , 1 backstage area with mirrors SERVICES Factory NoLo resident technical equipment largely meets the needs of any type of event, but can be implemented ad hoc based on customer design needs. Factory NoLo is able to provide any type of technical installation, catering, make-up artists, hairdressers, technical operators, stylists, models and photographers. It can also provide any type of set and set needed for your production.

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