Il Molino del Groppo

municipality: POZZOL GROPPO
Province: Alessandria


Available for:
It offers the possibility of renting the entire structure, or portions of it, both for internal and / or external parts, for the realization of events.

Il Molino del Groppo

The Molino del Groppo is a historic 16th century river mill, with parts dating back to the 12th century. An architectural structure resolved in large open spaces, of sophisticated modern design and with parts authentically restored in a mix of informal and sophisticated tones; the structure, located on the left bank of the Staffora stream, is immersed in an area of 45,000 square meters of natural greenery. Il Molino del Groppo offers various solutions of absolute value to create events both private and corporate representation in a relaxed yet elegant context. Interior design environments come together in perfect harmony with the historicity of the place and the wide and silent outdoor spaces, allowing an absolute well-being. The location is in the Staffora Valley on the border between the provinces of Pavia and Alessandria. Easily accessible, 4 kilometers from Salice Terme and the major centers of Pavia, Alessandria and Piacenza, it offers informal elegance, space, silence, nature, art and culture of living in a mix of perfect balance.

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