THE Mill of the lost time

municipality: BAGNONE
Province: Massa Carrara


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THE Mill of the lost time

It is a splendid former water mill dating back to the end of the 1800s where the Macine room is still intact with large logs that at the time crushed wheat, corn, chestnuts and so on to turn them into flour . Below the mill there are still natural caves where the water that once moved the millstones flowed without any need for electricity. Located on the “Antica Via Romana” with the suggestive vaulted bridge overlooking the river where the Waterfall with the beautiful and very rare Arenarie stones is reached, which can be reached via a natural path up to the river below the Mulino. , through a path marked by the CAI, reach the beautiful castle of Bagnone.In the vicinity of the Via Francigena built in the nineteenth century DC to connect Northern Europe starting from France to Rome hence the name of via "FRANCIGENA" which continues in a tourist itinerary that crosses many small towns and villages of rare beauty and particularities such as Filattiera, Villafranca, Terrarossa, Pontremoli and still continue in various directions up to devalue the Apuan Alps and arrive in the equally captivating Garfagnana. relaxing and regenerating landscape of the Tuscan Apennines, 25 km from the sea of Portovenere, the c inque terre, Lerici, La Spezia from which it is possible to take ferries to reach destinations such as Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, the nearest but no less attractive island of Palmaria and the smaller but precious island of Tino, but even less than an hour away by car from the Appenine mountains and from ski resorts like the Passo del Cerreto and from cities of art such as Florence, Lucca, Parma, Pisa, Siena and many others or the nearby Filetto borgo of truly rare beauty. More precisely, it is located in the fortunate medieval town of Bagnone. Lucky because in August 2009 in this small town the Superenalotto was won for the amount of € 147.800.000 which made it famous all over the world! How to Guardia and Protection of the mill stands the Castle of Bagnone from the top of the village with its imposing clock tower that lights up at night creating an enchanted scenery and marks the slow but relaxing passage of time. The entire building is on two floors plus a very characteristic turret with a ceiling with large exposed beams with about 200 square meters of shared garden where the rock has been converted into a very special tank with natural water from the same river Bagnone continuously recycled through a gora which passes right next to the Mill. Below the ground is lapped by the clear, fresh waters of the river where it can be accessed, thus having a huge and very natural bathing area at your disposal. The building is reached via a comfortable and easy staircase directly from the main square of the town where there are bars, restaurants, bazaars, newsstands, tobacconists, banks and a few meters away going up towards the town many other typical shops with local and typical products of the Lunigiana such as the famous Treschietto onions and the famous hamlet 4 km away. The ancient mill was called "The mill of lost time" because when you are there you have the distinct impression that the present time stops to cross and merge with the past and future time until it stops and gives the impression that no longer passes and is crystallized in a feeling of ecstasy and total relaxation. But in the Magica Lunigiana land of Fairies and Folletti everything is possible, no wonder! The building has been completely and carefully restored in the structural part: Anti-seismic design, with the creation of reinforced concrete pillars, chaining, completely redone roof with large exposed wooden beams and raised with a curb of about 60 cm, facade plastered with large exposed stone panels, insulation with cavity walls under the floor and behind the walls. Five very cute and colorful apartments, all independent and self-heating, but which can be connected to each other, have been created in the structure. The apartments vary in size from 60 square meters to 110 square meters. They are all carefully furnished and embellished with furniture suitable for the place including provisions and anything else you may need to live there immediately.

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