Lounge - 10 Watts Milan

municipality: MILANO
Province: Milano


Available for:
Photo Services, Short Films, Telepromo Events, Meeting Press Conferences, Showroom Interviews, Video Casting, TV Spots and Fashion Shows.

Lounge - 10 Watts Milan

10WATT, a flexible location to satisfy a growing public demanding, a space with potential? extraordinary: 1000 square meters divided into 5 charming lofts, set up and set up according to the needs of our customers: LOUNGE The space? Lounge? welcomes guests in an elegant and comfortable New York atmosphere, which draws inspiration from industrial design. In space there is? a mezzanine made of iron and glass, an element that creates a continuity visual with the underlying part. The concrete counter? functional for a welcome drink. From here you can access the other spaces of the location (Light, Color, Acqua & Gym and Yori Studio). CAPACITY Spazio Light Area mq 75 A Theater Platea 30 Cocktail or Buffet 50 TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT: Microphones ice cream and pin - dj console - audio direction - audio mixer - video direction - dvd player - pc connection - screen 5.5 x 4 m (Light space ) - projector Sharp conference series XG-PH 50X - DLP double lamp - 4000 ansilumen (space Light) - plasma 42? screen 3.3 x 3 m (Color space) - 5000 ansilumen projector (Color space) - 50 plasma? - wifi service adsl service - adjustable and adjustable lighting - flip charts - 626 certification

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