municipality: POLIGNANO A MARE
Province: Bari


Available for:
set photos cine tv, events, etc.


A long dirt road that winds through vegetable gardens and trees leads to the fortified tower with stable, church, .... The complex of the farm of 1700, reflects the setting by arm with horizontal development along the same alignment perspective, becoming almost a single block due to the continuity that has been created in the buildings. The main façade of the tower is characterized by a suggestive bell gable. The church, dedicated according to oral sources to San Michele, is defined in the façade by four pilasters interrupted by a jutting cornice and ending at the top of the tympanum. The rectangular portal is embellished with a broken frame that holds the Leto family crest (princes of Castrogiovanni and Dukes of Polignano a Mare). On the roof stands a lantern with four small windows interspersed with four pinnacles, finely decorated with ceramic tiles. On the bottom the presbytery raised by a step is covered by a barrel vault.

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