Medici Villa of Petraia

municipality: FIRENZE
Province: Firenze


Available for:
Fashion shows, gala dinners, business meetings, garden parties, private visits, private dining, concerts

Medici Villa of Petraia

La Petraia? one of the most fascinating Medici villas, for the happy positioning in the landscape, for the excellence of the pictorial decorations, for the luxuriant nature of the park. Just a few kilometers from Florence? the typical suburban residence, refuge for the grand dukes of the Medici family from the efforts of the city. An ancient fortified building, of which the great tower still remains, was enlarged towards the end of the sixteenth century to build the current villa and the surrounding land was dug out to frame it in the beautiful terraced garden. The courtyard of the villa, covered in the nineteenth century,? decorated with frescoes by Volterrano and Cosimo Daddi. The famous bronze sculpture by Giambologna depicting Venus-Fiorenza, which completed the homonymous fountain placed in the garden of the villa of Castello,? now placed inside to guarantee its conservation. The Florentine Polo Museums are not just places where culture and beauty are preserved. They are also spaces where? Possible to organize gala dinners, events, congresses, extraordinary visits. Places that can act as evocative settings for high quality events. Request the use of these spaces? simple. Just contact the Secretariat of the Superintendency which will provide for it. to inform you about the procedure and the costs. Naturally, as these are museums, there are limitations on the type of event and on the safety and decorum of the environments: not all locations are available, but we will do everything possible to meet your requests. Temporary concession in use of museum spaces: Tel: 0552388625 Fax: 0552388699 E-mail:

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