Province: Varese


Available for:
Shooting, movies, sets, fashion shows, small receptions and meetings, small events, small parties.


A REFINED LOCATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC SETS Ideal location, in a 50,000 m² property, on a partly flat and partly hilly area, enlivened by wooded areas and a large park with old trees crossed by pleasant paths, romantic bridges, an old well, stairs in stone, beautiful seasonal blooms and large lawns particularly suitable for the installation of numerous gazebos and sails for banquets. The park is adorned with old stone furnishings, as well as a small "little chapel" in the woods. Inside the garden there is a large parking area. In the property there are 3 buildings: the main villa, built in 1880, a villa halfway up the hill in 1907 and the former farm, now no longer used, with storage and woodshed. Next to the main villa higher up, with a beautiful view of the Monterosa, there is a large heated swimming pool, surrounded by a terrace, and equipped with a brick-built dressing room-gazebo. The main villa offers, in addition to the semi-basement for services, the ground floor with direct access to the garden, consisting of two living rooms, one with a fireplace, oak floors, antique crystal chandeliers and refined furnishings, respectively of mt. 9 x 5 and mt. 7 x 5, in addition to a loggia, an entrance in white marble, an elegant sima bathroom with kitchen. In the two rooms there is a place for about 80 and more people seated.

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