Historical Museum of the AM of Vigna di Valle: Hangar Troster

municipality: BRACCIANO
Province: Roma


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Historical Museum of the AM of Vigna di Valle: Hangar Troster

The hangar troster? the first of the four pavilions of the Museum with a surface area of 1,200 m2, houses the exhibition area that goes from the Pioneers to the end of the First World War (1915-1918). The slide in front of the hangar, on the shore of the lake, was used for the descent into the sea of seaplanes and for the subsequent recovery. The Historical Museum is located in the Idroscalo of Vigna di Valle, the pi? ancient in Italy, located on the southern shore of Lake Bracciano where, in 1904 by will? of the Major of the Genio Mario Maurizio Moris, recognized father of the Italian aviation, the first Aeronautical Experimental Site was implanted. Here vol? in 1908 the first Italian military airship, the No. 1, by the engineers Gaetano Arturo Crocco and Ottavio Ricaldoni. The museum is framed by the Armed Force in order to place the buildings and structures of the Idroscalo, today the only site of its kind in Italy, to preserve the architectural features typical of an aeronautical building worthy of dignity. in a period of time that goes from the origin up to the 60s of the last century. The Historical Museum of the Italian Air Force, with its 13,000 m2 of covered exhibition area,? one of the most large and interesting flight museums in the world. Arranged on four large exhibition pavilions, the Museum houses over 60 aircraft and a large collection of aeronautical engines and memorabilia of various kinds that narrate, in chronological sequence, the history of military flight in Italy and that of the men who were its protagonists . In addition to the activities Institutional, the Historical Museum deals with:? Organizing exhibitions and activities artistic - cultural; ? Conduct training courses; ? Doing activities? education in agreement with schools and universities; ? Provide assistance for events both of the Armed Forces and of other prestigious Institutions, Associations or Companies. Contacts Historical Museum AM Vigna di Valle Airport 00062 - Bracciano (Rome) Uff. Reservations and Information: Tel / Fax 06.99887509 / 8-Fax 06.99887445 Press Office: Tel. 06.99887503 / 4 E-mail: aeromuseo@aeronautica.difesa.it For more information? You can consult the Museum's website: www.aeronautica.difesa.it/museovdv

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