Ocean Club Naples - 4-star Hotel Giulia

municipality: QUALIANO
Province: Napoli


Available for:
The location is available for videos and photo productions, for the organization of events such as conferences and conventions, exhibitions, fashion shows and business dinners, Ev

Ocean Club Naples - 4-star Hotel Giulia

The 4-star Hotel Giulia is composed of an external part called ÔÇťOcean Club Naples located in the province of Naples with an area of 600 square meters with swimming pool, garden and gazebo. The location is located outside the Giulia hotel, the classic finishes and furnishings are in excellent condition. We organize anniversaries, aperitifs and refreshments in general within the Location. Environments Classic Environments, Design Environments,, Exhibition Space Services Parking Space Autonomous Electrical System Lighting System Internet Access Bathroom Interior Kitchen Furniture and Supplies CD DVD Player Telephone Cable TV Dishwasher Washing Machine Microwave Oven Jacuzzi Two-Seater Jacuzzi Bathtub Shower Hairdryer Additional Bed Seating Area desk patio balcony terrace

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