Palazzo Massone (XVIII century)

municipality: SAN LORENZELLO
Province: Benevento


Available for:
Ceremonies, Weddings, Parties, Banquets, Advertising Spots, Events in general.

Palazzo Massone (XVIII century)

There are places whose charm never vanishes and places that the memory with insistence holds back, in which immediately and forever the magic that makes them unrepeatable is felt. Palazzo Massone? first of all the house of houses. With its eighteenth-century views, its stones, its portals, its arches, Palazzo Massone? an environmental ensemble almost? unique, restored with love and respect for history, art and costume. The Monumental Complex? an island of greenery and cloistered quiet in the heart of the ancient center, where 'the turmoil ... beats in vain at its high walls ...' Benedetto Croce would say. You soon fall in love with the village. And hopelessly. Our old people knew it, the owners of Palazzo Massone know it, travelers perceive it, the curious who leave the nightmare of the city? looking for islands of serenity. Especially the engaged couple who wish to celebrate their love with a dream day know it. For their wedding Palazzo Massone is lavished with tenderness and professionalism, assuring the quality and the wedding banquet. and the harmony that is typical of the monumental complex.

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