Sismano Castle

municipality: AVIGLIANO UMBRO
Province: Terni


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Sismano Castle

Medieval castle in the green heart of Umbria in a village of the time, where 11 suites have been obtained in the ancient and original buildings. The farmhouse "Il Castello di Sismano" develops inside a medieval village built at the foot of the ancient castle and? managed directly by the owner of the estate of Sismano and her collaborators. The Borgo, with its only street that runs along the boundary wall of the castle,? a place out of time, perfect for experiencing moments of relaxation and quiet, away from the stress and noise of the city. On the ground floor of the Canonica, on the side facing the village, Sismano or Sosmano, in the land registry of Todi in 1322, was described as a castle of "twenty-one fires" and was considered one of the many fortresses guarding the city? of Todi. In 1254 Sismano sub? great devastation following bitter battles between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, between Tuderti, Fiorentini, Narnesi and Spoletini. Between 1281 and 1294, Cardinal Benedetto Caetani spent long periods in Todi as a mediator in disputes between the League of Cities guelfe of Todi, Perugia and Spello and the city Ghibelline of Foligno. Entering the Borgo di Sismano and passed the arch pi? inside, on which are affixed the coats of arms of the Caetani and the Acts, is the Church of Sant'Andrea, built in 1635 by Corsini and dedicated to their Saint, S. Andrea Corsini (1301-1374) Bishop of Fiesole (Florence) and ancestor of the current owner. A few meters from the church the recovery and restoration of two buildings, one of age late medieval called medieval and another of the first half of the eighteenth century called Canonica, they allowed eleven suites to be built with every comfort and a special charm. The first six suites were built inside the Medieval building, while the other five are located in the Canonica building, next to the Church of Sant'Andrea. Each suite has its own name and special features that have been illustrated to give you the chance, who wants to spend one or more? days, to make a choice that satisfies him the most. Finally, for all the suites? in operation an efficient air conditioning system which, together with the possibility of to enjoy free internet access and access to the main satellite TV channels, makes your stay very comfortable.

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