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? Chef for an evening? Actors also become cooking. At teatro7 | Lab you can perform your best culinary performance just as if you were at

Teatro7 | Lab

teatro7 | Lab Cooking School. The cooking school at the theater7? first of all culture, conviviality? and creativity, in fact, thanks to the variety and originality of the proposed recipes? It is possible to approach with great pleasure not only the preparation of the dishes, but also the tasting of everything there. which includes rituality of the "Cultura in Tavola", which highlights the sophistication and genuineness? of Italian products. The lessons are themed, and can you? also participate in a single evening, so you can learn to cook with your own hands an entire menu to then be able to dine with everything and freshly prepared. Are the questions, comments and perplexities inevitable? that arise at the end of the lesson which amazes the participants who were able to prepare delicious dishes unexpectedly. Each recipe conveys a return to the lost flavors of tradition, revisited in a simple, creative and original way. The moment of tasting, in a euphoric and convivial atmosphere, leads back to the rituality? of good food. After three hours? ? how to know each other for a lifetime: one course after another, thanks to a good selection of wines, we chat amiably, review the lesson we have just finished and already think of the next one. Lessons are held by our lovely teachers who focus on courses based on meat, fish, pastry, vegetables and pasta. Do the themes of each lesson respect the seasonality? of the products used! The number of participants per lesson? of 12/16 totals divided into groups of 2 in which? You can learn to cook 3 themed recipes. Does each group have all the basic ingredients available so they can develop the recipe? create from the "nothing" a dish also elaborated learning to do the shopping, recognize fresh products, know a bit of history and technical notions. Initiatives. Among the initiatives most? hot we report? Chef for one evening ?. Actors also become cooking. At teatro7 | Lab you can perform your best culinary performance just as if you were at the first of an unusual theater show. Here you cook seriously and that coveted desire to be a cook turns into reality. The chefs of the laboratory make available kitchen, products, knowledge and, covered with the daredevil of the apron, they guide him in the preparation of a dish. Ideal for weekends:? Evening with friends? ? another fun proposal from teatro7 | Lab, where everyone actively participates. For the haute cuisine lovers we propose the appointments of? Teatro7 invites? where the professionalism? reigns with testimonials of great importance and renowned wisdom. Highly requested? ? Kitchen & Love? which includes two variants: - Single & food where men and women, perfect strangers, will have to create a recipe with surprising ingredients testing their feeling, they will dine ?? - Couples play dedicated to those who, despite living together, do not want to stop measuring themselves in the kitchen. ? Mini chef? ? the time dedicated to the pi? little ones. On Saturday afternoons, from 3pm to 5pm, children aged 5-10 will be chef's students in an exciting game based on flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate and seasonal fruit. A fun way to get started in the kitchen. The proceeds of the meetings are donated in part to the Friends of the Aibi Children's Association (international humanitarian organization for the reception of abandoned children) Events | Location. Aimed at companies, teatro7 | Lab realizes meetings, press lunches, product presentations and team building also in English. The latter have now become the school's must, a valid alternative to static and often boring business dinners. Here you cook in teams and win the one that showed the best performance in the kitchen, with the double objective of having fun and reinforcing the sense of belonging to the work group. Finally, teatro7 | Lab? the ideal location to make photo shoots, commercials, television shots. Among our teachers we find: Sebastiano Rovida In 2003, a little more? of twenty years, Sebastiano takes possession of the kitchen of? Visconti Banqueting? managing a brigade of eight people. A challenging experience but of great professional satisfaction that, between American experiences and around Italy, will last? for seven years. In 2010 he debuted on television. The television program? ? Out of Menu? broadcast on Real Time, which sees him busy as? field aide? of competitors who try their hand at the life of a real kitchen, with a service to prepare. The success ? immediate, the program increases more and more? your own popularity? and today we are already to the fourth edition. Today we can allowing the choice of new projects, always pursuing the path of knowledge and experience capable of further expanding one's boundaries. From here new formats designed for television, consultancy in kitchens to keep the hand? and don't lose the practicality? typical of cooks, cooking classes to share knowledge and flavors. Theater partners7 Special thanks go to the companies that believed in this project, starting with Kitchen Aid, which created the entire kitchen area for theater7 | Lab with large and small appliances, Lagostina with its products characterized by technologies and processes. avant-garde, the result of the constant search for innovation in shapes and materials, Zwilling JA Henckels one of the largest companies in the world for the production of high quality knives, Buitoni with the fresh products of the? Creazioni? line, Microplane with its new line of graters dedicated both to those who cook at home, and to professional chefs, Insinkerator for sink sinks, extremely practical and technologically advanced, Azienda Agricola Fabio Sidoti with extra virgin oils and preserves that contain the tradition and scents of Sicily, in a elegant and sophisticated pack, Surgiva water, Watercolor rice? a rice grown, refined and packaged by the Rondolino family. A Carnaroli rice unique in the world, aged at least one year; Livellara where glass and crystal coexist in a relationship between ancient techniques and wisdom on the one hand and creativity? at the same time, Molino di Pordenone, a company that at ninety still has a great desire to grow and gets involved every day to improve and make the work of its customers better. Marco and Valentino Zuzzi are the spokespersons, and together with their team they build the relationships that serve to make the company grow. Such as the partnership with the School Theater 7, which with equally enthusiasm and passion dedicates itself to teaching and research in the kitchen, for chefs and enthusiasts of all ages. Almost a century of milling art .... but we do not stop, why? we like to listen and learn to do better and better there? that is already let's make. Curiosity? ? The Teatro7 | Lab cookery school was born in Milan in 2005, in via Thaon de Revel at no. She has the warmth of a home and the spectacle of a theater where the protagonist reigns the kitchen and dedicated all the space to her. The idea? was to combine a home kitchen with a reality? of school, the first to arise on the Italian and international market, since? all schools were built with professional equipment. In this context, instead, the students will have the opportunity? to use the various KitchenAid appliances cos? as they would do at home. The kitchen has a linear structure with two 5-meter counters, one dedicated to the kitchen and the other to the preparation of the dishes and the final tasting. The restaurant has a clean and simple design with soft tones, all to ensure that the open kitchen becomes the reference point for the whole school. Designed and conceived by the incomparable Rico Guarnieri that 4 years ago inaugurated teatro7, a restaurant that owes its success to creativity? of recipes and the overwhelming enthusiasm in engaging guests during the evenings. The idea continues with the concept of having a home available to invite up to 20 friends to cook together with the chef who directs the work. Last born: trattoria 7Cotolette A surprising country trattoria in the heart of Lomellina just 40 minutes from Milan, which offers, in addition to the rich tradition of the place, also l? originality? of his philosophy. www.7cotolette.com teatro7 | Lab via Thaon di Revel, 7 Milan tel. +39 02 89073719 mob. + 39 366 6664427 mail: ks@teatro7.com- info@teatro7.com www.teatro7.com

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