Tertullian space

municipality: MILANO
Province: Milano


Available for:
Shows, rehearsals, exhibitions, conventions, fashion and photography events, soundstage for TV and cinema and special events

Tertullian space

The Tertullian Space Hall? available for rent for rehearsals, shows, exhibitions, meetings, conventions, fashion events, photography, soundstage for TV and cinema and special events. DESCRIPTION Large audience with red velvet chairs Seating capacity 98 Stage width mt. 7.50; depth? mt. 9.50 RATES FOR SHOWS, EVENTS, MEETINGS AND CONVENTION EVENING 19.00 - 23.30? 450 Price excluding VAT FULL DAY 9.00 - 23.30? 690 Price excluding VAT MORNING AND AFTERNOON 9.00 - 19.00? 450 Price excluding VAT AFTERNOON AND EVENING 14.00 - 23.30? 550 Price excluding VAT The rental rates include the use of the complete technical sheet, the cleaning, the use of the dressing rooms and the possibility? to assemble his own sets and the direction management service. The other services (technical personnel or special technical materials) are on request. TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT N? 16 Pc 1 Kw N? 12 channels Dimmer N? 1 DMX N Digital Computerized Mixer? 2 Audio Speakers 600 W N? 1 Audio Mixer 8 Ch N? 1 Cd Reader Requests will be subjected to a careful evaluation by the Management which reserves the right to select unquestionably the proposals based on the organizational needs of the theater. LOCATION Spazio Tertulliano via Tertulliano 70 20137 Milan OFFICE HOURS daily from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 19.00 CONTACTS Tel. 02 49472369 Cel: 320 6874363 www.spaziotertulliano.it info@spaziotertulliano.it

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