TRIESTE STATE LIBRARY - Room for seminar meetings

municipality: TRIESTE
Province: Trieste


Available for:
Events, Conferences and Seminars, Exhibitions of works of art, Set for Advertising and Movies, Fashion Shows, Meetings, Concerts, etc.

The Library has some spaces reserved for cultural events: Saletta for seminar meetings, for groups of up to 15 people. There are also twenty notice boards of different sizes. The modes of concession of these premises and the cost for their rent are indicated in the specific regulation. The schedule of the initiatives must coincide with that of access to the reading rooms; any exceptions for an extension of the event must be authorized by the Management. The rooms are connected to an anti-intrusion system, fire alarm and video recording system with continuous recording. The library ? reachable by the following public transport: bus n. 30 (Railway station? Campo Marzio), Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII bus stop n. 8 (Roiano? P.le Valmaura) and n. 9 (P.le Gioberti? Largo Irneri), stop of Riva Nazario Sauro facing the former Pescheria Grande bus n. 10 (Piazza Venezia? P.le Valmaura), terminus of Piazza Venezia

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