Uncle Tom's Shed

Province: Milano


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The Uncle Tom shed was created to accommodate: - Food production - Production with scenographic environments - Tabletop - Prelite - Photo services

Uncle Tom's Shed

POSA THEATER The Uncle Tom Shed was born in 2010 from the desire of two professionals in the world of theater and advertising, to give life to a space that could have a multi-functionality, in the field of advertising production and event organization for childhood, music and creative theater. Based on this desire, we have created a space that mainly allows, for dimensions and characteristics, to host productions for the Food & Tabletop or to organize inside it, artistic events in general, welcoming a consistent public. The passion for this sector, professionalism? with which we carry out our work and attention to the customer, make the Uncle Tom shed an important resource for production companies or for theatrical, musical or private companies that want to organize their own spot or event! Our services range from the realization or the scenographic assembly, if required, to the rental of lights and how much the production of a spot is needed. The characteristics of the Tetatro The surface is 300 square meters. Theater ? located in the industrial area of Trezzano S / n, in the province of Milan at ca. 300 m. from the west ring road, therefore very easy to reach. The minimum height is 5 m, the maximum height is 8 m. Our space? equipped with angular limbo that measures m. 5 x 8 H m. 4.50 Our warehouse? provided with all the necessary equipment for the figures in charge of scenographic preparation. Our energy power is 60 kw. Theater ? equipped with: Kitchen for the preparation of the products / food Laboratory Heating Air conditioning. Customer and production offices. Private courtyard with driveway, for unloading / loading of goods. Uncle Tom's Shed Via Gobetti, 12 20090 Trezzano S / n Milan Tel. 0291321755 - Mobile. 3495389860

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