Villa Caroli Zanchi

municipality: STEZZANO
Province: Bergamo


Available for:
Weddings, All kinds of Events and Events, Business Meetings, Fashion Shows, Photo and TV Sets

Villa Caroli Zanchi

Villa Caroli Zanchi is in an extraordinarily favorable logistical position. In the heart of Lombardy, near Milan and near Bergamo, inserted in the historic village of Stezzano and at the same time well served at street level (state road from Bergamo to Treviglio) and motorway: 5 minutes from the Dalmine exit, at 8 min from the Bergamo exit (A4 motorway), just 5 km from Orio al Serio airport. Rightly considered one of the most valuable and interesting dwellings of Lombardy, Villa Caroli Zanchi represents an historical, artistic and cultural heritage of exceptional value. Built between 1838 and 1840 on a project by the architect Giacomo Bianconi,? a wonderful example of architectural harmony: in fact, the neoclassical style of the exterior combines the eclecticism of the interiors, where we find over 20 rooms wisely decorated in different styles. From the CLASSIC theme, we move on to the MEDIEVAL theme, through the GOTHIC lounge, where a fake Gothic architecture embellished with heraldic and knightly signs is reproposed on a red background; to the seventeenth-century theme, reconstructed in the arms room, where? located the beautiful pool table. The seventeenth-century theme is typically BAROCCHEGGIANTE,? also treated in the Hall of the Betrothed. In the succession of the rooms there are various other themes linked to the history, but surely the "geographic" reconstructions are present, present in two parlors that faithfully reproduce environments considered EXOTIC: the CHINESE living room, in which a sort of pagoda is proposed, and a small living room TURCO, a suggestive environment where furnishings and decorations have a Middle Eastern style and where? present, in the center, a sinuous marble basin embedded in the floor. This ancient residence, today welcoming? immersed in a secular park in romantic style of over 40,000 square meters, which turns out to be unexpected on the back of the main facade. The large meadow clearing? surrounded by woods and accompanied by ancient redwoods, fountains and ponds. Today the Villa? theater of numerous events, from wedding receptions to corporate conventions, fashion shows, product presentations, photographic and television sets of prestige.

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