municipality: FAGGETO LARIO
Province: Como


Available for:
Receptions, advertising spots, TV footage, meetings, garden parties.


Villa Nessi, an ancient residence dating back to 1780 overlooking the shores of Lake Como called Lario. Who has the taste for beautiful things and the sensitive soul can? appreciate an atmosphere full of charm and history. Within its walls, time seems to have stopped, a century-old park of 7000 square meters of Renaissance mold with artificial caves and Italian hedges, numerous precious essences as well as an enchanting private chapel make it an exclusive place. The park lends itself very much to photographic reportage and the unparalleled view of the lake unleashes the imagination of the viewer. Distinguished characters in history have stayed in this place from noble to most. famous Prince Pacelli and Prince De Curtis pi? known as Tot ?. Purchased in 1906 by a noble family of Lyon, it remained the property of of the Nessi family until 1940, the year in which it was sold to the Marquis Spreti Patrizio of Ravenna. In the years that followed the sub residence? deep structural transformations being converted into a holiday residence for aristocratic nobles, the echo of the notes of a piano companion of parties of other times still resounds in the large living room and the clinking of glasses in the welcoming veranda. Repurchased again by the Nessi family in 1960? today a private residence. The villa offers the possibility? of very suggestive external receptions with or without the use of tensile structures or internally with the availability? of rooms for a capacity of 90 seats and a veranda with a capacity of 20 seats for a total of 110 seats; Villa Nessi? also the ideal place for commercials and fiction.

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